1. Crescent City, CA.

    We checked out of our place in Miranda and headed north. We did a few hikes around the redwoods and took lots of photos. Also took a couple of self-guided walking tours/trails to learn some more. Its still amazing to walk beneath these trees. We were fortunate enough to ...

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  2. Redwoods (Miranda, CA)

    Got out of Mendicino after finding breakfast and picking up some gifts for the people back home. Proceeded to drive up CA-1 until it dead ended into US-101. On the way stopped by a random beach so that I could actually put my toe in the pacific which I hadn ...

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  3. Mendocino, CA

    Left the Hotel California today after finding some breakfast, and worked our way across the Golden Gate Bridge onto Highway 1 (CA-1). Absolutely gorgeous drive. I've discovered two thing about my wife: one should never give her a camera unless you're sure you want to be stopping and ...

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  4. San Fransisco

    Flew from BWI to Oakland this morning, for some reason I was actually nervous on this flight, more than usual. But oddly, I calmed down right as the plane was taking off down the runway and the rest of the flight I was fine. Katy and I wound up doing ...

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  5. Hello, vacation!

    It's the night before we leave on our Honeymoon. We've been married a week already, and we can't wait to get going. Neither of us has taken a real vacation since going to the Liepins's wedding last year, so it'll be good to take 2 ...

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