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  1. Wooden Handrail

    While the wife spent a week in England last month, I decided to fix one of those nagging thing about the house that's been bugging us since we moved in.  The stairs to the second floor never had a hand railing.  The home inspector poited out that it wasn ...

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  2. Daily Compound Interest Spreadsheet

    As a followup to my last post, here is the spreadsheet I use to calculate how much interest I've accrued based on when my payment will be applied. Remember to add in 2-3 business days from when you actually submit your payment online until it goes through.

    Put your ...

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  3. Citibank Student Loans and Daily Compound Interest

    My wife has significant student loan debt from her time in law school. Not only was she paying tuition, but she had to pay living expenses to live in NY for three years, all paid for with loans. While I was really starting to track our finances, I began taking ...

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  4. Resurrection

    So it looks like I did my usual post-for-a-while-then-disappear-for-a-few-months trick. I should really stop that at some point. So, I'm back now and resurrecting the blog. I've had several posts that I've been meaning to write for a while so there will be a few posts all ...

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  5. Too Late

    I think I'm suffering from entrepreneurial-wannabe syndrome.

    What is entrepreneurial-wannabe syndrome?  It's an affliction that targets people (mostly engineers, and engineers-at-heart) that starts with them getting a cool idea to solve a problem and ends with crushing psychological defeat.  The progression of the disease goes something like this ...

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  6. Free Online Finance Trackers

    I've been toying some with our finances lately and I figure it's about time I started tracking exactly where our money is going.  Most people use Quicken or MS Money for this, but as I run Linux those are out. I could maintain a spreadsheet, but I know ...

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  7. 150,000 Miles

    I'm not a car guy, and outside of oil changes, I don't do much to my cars.

    My family always bought GM cars growing up, and you inherit your family's prejudices. My first car was the family's old 1982 Chevy Chevette, It showed me that you ...

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    After several posts that get no comments, I stop checking my blag for a few months and suddenly people think I've written something interesting.

    Sorry for disappearing for a while, work and life have been hectic. Mostly good, but hectic.

    I've been burned by spam before on blogs ...

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