1. Schizoid.

    One of our cats, Schizoid, is very sick. It started two weeks ago when he stopped eating and drinking, and got in very bad shape before we got him to the vet. It happened very quickly. He knew he was skinny but he was acting normal so we didn't ...

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  2. Holidays

    The holidays went quite well here. Spent the first part visiting family, and having a great time, had to work part of the week, Saw Vince and Kristina on Friday, and then took a trip out to Deep Creek lake with some of my college friends and spent New Years ...

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  3. Blogs

    Over the past several years I've tried started to write blogs three times now, and each time it's lasted maybe a month or so and then stopped. Maybe this time will be different now that I have a more permanent server. deater.net is a great static web ...

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  4. Welcome to the new Clemens Family Homepage

    After owning this domain for the last 4 months I figure it's about time to really start using the homepage in addition to the photo album site (photos.clemensfam.org). This weblog is set up so that both Katy and I can write to it whenever we want to ...

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