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  1. Vancouver, BC, the last full day.

    Awoke felling much better than I had the night before. Has a passable breakfast prepared by the innkeepers, and wait a few hours for the rain to die down. We pile in the car and head for downtown. First, we head over to the park on the west side of ...

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  2. Victoria, BC, and a bad day in Vancouver, BC

    Since we had time in the morning, we decided to catch the 'Titanic' exhibit at the natural history museum in Victoria before catching the ferry. We caught the early showing of the IMAX movie, and then walked through the exhibit of preserved Titanic artifacts. Quite interesting. Very crowded though. The ...

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  3. Victoria, BC

    Another early morning car ferry and we were across the border into Canada. This time we were the last car on the ferry, and thus were parked on a precarious incline at the back of the ferry tilted about 25 degrees towards the ocean. It felt a lot steeper when ...

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  4. Orcas Island, WA

    Orcas Island is part of the San Juan Island chain in the northwest part of Washington state. We took a ferry there from Anacortes and got in around around 11am. The ferry trip was cool, as car ferries generally are. There's just something in your mind that screams 'Don ...

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  5. Seattle and Anacortes, WA

    Got up for another day in Seattle. Took the monorail over to the space needle/park area and went to the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction museum. Spent all afternoon there. Pretty cool. The 'history of the electric guitar' exhibit was particularly interesting.

    Turns out one of the ...

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  6. Seattle, WA

    Drove into Seattle early the next afternoon. Our rental Pontiac Grand Prix has actually been quite good to us. We returned it a day early We're staying at the Seattle Hilton, the only chain hotel we're staying at the whole trip. We've both been to Seattle before ...

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  7. Portland, OR. Rain.

    Rain, lots of rain.

    Walked around the city some more. Saw some more parks, and then started wandering over from the waterfront to the 'Rose Garden'. Portland claims to be the city of Roses. I could have sworn other cities claim that, but I digress. They do have an experimental ...

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  8. Portland, OR

    Got up early and had breakfast with the other guests, and then on to Portland. Another 3 hour drive but not too bad.

    We're staying at the 'Kennedy School Hotel'. It's a converted elementary school, and you get to stay in the old classrooms, and they've converted ...

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  9. Newport, OR

    Rolled out of Bandon after oversleeping and having to hurry to get out in time for checkout again. Pretty uneventful trip the coast. The drive is still going pretty well. We must be getting closer to the weekend though because we're seeing more and more RV's on the ...

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