Published: Sun 27 January 2008
By john

In linux.

PowerNowD v1.00 is released out into the wild. This marks the last release of the software. If others want to take it further, they may do so with my blessing. But since the 'ondemand' kernel governor is now working pretty reliably, that seems to be the wave of the future. I'm glad that I was able to create something as useful as powernowd, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. From the beginning it stayed true to its purpose and thus is a fast, efficient program that does one thing and one thing only.

The only changes over v0.97 are some valgrind cleanups (pedantic ones, no real bugs), and a small correction from the debian/ubuntu packages that uses strtoll to read the stats out of /proc/vmstat instead of strtol for long running guests on 32-bit systems.

It was very important to me to finally release a 1.00, even after all this time. It provides a bit of closure, and it also means that I kept my word as I promised back in 0.90. It also opened my eyes to the problems people go through when maintaining even a small oss package for a linux distribution. My hats off to all the distribution maintainers out there.

I will say this, there is something incredibly cool about having a bit of software you wrote running on hundreds of thousands of computers all over the world, which is what happened when Ubuntu started installing powernowd by default on all their systems. Note however that as of feisty, (I think?), even though they install powernowd, the powernowd init script actually loads the ondemand governor and uses that if it's available, and only runs the real daemon if ondemand can't be loaded. This means most people aren't using powernowd anymore as part of Ubuntu. Still it's a very satisfying a fulfilling feeling to know I wrote something useful.

Here's hoping I can do something else nearly as useful in the future.